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Flector patch generic design (G-Patch) for use with the original Flecto 1-1/4" and other 2-1/4" mic stands. This unit allows you to replace the original 1-1/4" mic stand with an original equivalent sized 2-1/4" mic stand, or one of their custom 2-1/4" or 4-1/4" mic stands. Fits most standard stand and microphone housings uses original M-F-B screws, nuts, and washers. For use with the Flecto 2-1/4" and other mic stands, the stand is compatible with original Flecto design. Please Note: The Flecto Mic Stand (3.5"L x 4.75"W 3"H) comes in black with a finish. The Flectro Mic Stand (2.5"L x 4.75"W 3"H) comes in black with a white finish. We have also sold the mic stands in other colors such as white and black with white, red, yellow, blue, gray, green, tan and orange accents with black accents. Please add $5.00 for each additional color. Please Note: Please note that the 3.5"L x 4.75"W size with black finish is smaller than a 2-1/4"x4'x3' standard mic stand and can not be used with most standard 2-1/4" mic stands. The 2.5"L x 4.75"W size with white finish is also smaller than a 2-1/4"x4'x3' standard mic stand and can not be used with most standard 2-1/4" mic stands. These should not be used in the Flecto Mini stand. Flector 2L X 3H Mic Stand Specifications: Length (top to bottom): 5' Inner diameter (top to bottom): prix flector gel 10-9/16" Width: 3" Height: 3-3/8" Mounting depth: 1-1/2" Mounting clamp: M-F-B Seat post diameter: 1" Click Here to see a larger image Flector 2L X 3H Mic Stand Mounting Instructions Click to see a larger image Flector Mic Stand Mounting Instructions The new "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie has the highest production budget in top-grossing franchise of all time, with a hefty $250 million in global ticket sales — enough to make it the highest-grossing film of summer, and likely one the five highest-grossing films of all time. The most expensive film ever, but is there a generic flector patch not the biggest "BvS" movie. According to Box Office Mojo (via Empire), "Batman V Superman," the sequel to 2016's flector patch where to buy big summer blockbuster, "Man of Steel," brought in a whopping $247.7 million through April 31, 2016. Even more staggering, that's $235.7 million than the combined gross of "Fast & Furious 6," "X-Men: First Class," "Furious 7," "Jurassic World," "The Avengers," and "Iron Man 3." "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" was also the top-grossing film of summer, with ticket sales to.

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